Montauk in the winter

When people think about the Hamptons, they think summer, they thinks expensive houses and snobbish people. 

When I do, I think Gurney's Oceanfront Resort, peaceful beaches, casual seafood markets and roaming deers. I am one of those that almost likes it better in the winter. 

I won’t lie. Gurney’s is a bit fancy, but somehow it still feels cosy. The view is breathtaking, the amenities are on point, the spa is gorgeous, but it’s not uptight. And the staff is impeccably trained. But sweet. And that’s why I love Gurney’s so much versus other fancy places I have been to in my many travels.

And even when I was not staying at their facility and just wanted to give a sneak peak of the property to my friends visiting from Europe, the staff was all smiles and welcoming.

Quick Pit Stop on our Montauk tour
Try that at the Ritz and let me know how that goes -:)

When Gurney says that their philosophy is to “accommodate each guest personally,” they mean it, they really do. 

I won’t go in detail of the why’s and how’s, but when it came down to it, director of rooms Beata Jarmolinska knew how to make me feel appreciated, and for that specific reason, and perhaps the terrific tomato and basil pasta from Scarpetta Beach, I will always stay at Gurney’s when I am in Montauk. The decadent pastries served in the lobby are also show-stoppers. 

But more on the terrific pasta soon, I promise. 

Scarpetta Beach 



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