Joshua Tree: the perfect spot to DISCONNECT

Joshua Tree has always been on my list and by always, I mean since last August when I moved to Cali and started mapping out mini adventures in my new home state. So I guess always might be an exaggeration, but I get a little anxious and impatient when it comes to traveling and exploring. 
So after cancelling Joshua Tree in November because of an ear infection, and December being crazy busy, I was super hopeful for January. But my hopes were shattered, and Joshua Tree started to become more and more like a dream that would never come true. 
Perhaps another person would have thought it wasn’t meant to be - but like i said before, when it comes to traveling, I am pretty tenacious. So finally on the last day of February, with much juggling of my work schedule and some crazy luck, I made it to Joshua Tree and woke up to this beautiful sunrise on the 1st day of March. 

The perfect way to start the month, don’t you think? 
We entered the park through the West Side entrance and drove towards the …

My Top 5 Winter Wonderland and my WishList

I used to be able to just walk out of my apartment, catch a subway and then voila: Central Park covered in snow was my Winter Wonderland. 
Now I am in Cali, and we don’t really get to single digit temperatures on this coast. No complaint here. I am loving the fact that I am sitting at the beach with my bare toes snuggled in the sand while writing this post. But I do miss cold weather and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows from time to time, which is what inspired my post for today. 
Here are my top 5 winter destinations, not in particular order because I am a libra so you know … I am super indecisive. 
# 1: Alaska: I flew there in March to see the Iditoarod Race start in Anchorage. I won’t lie. I LOVED IT and seeing all the dogs leaving for the race was awesome, but I fell in love with the rest of Alaska and its landscapes even more. Sitka is a must see, and the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood is GORGEOUS. More about my trip to Alaska here.

# 2 Breckenridge, Colorado: I flew out there in…