Take Care of Your Body & It Will Take Care of You

When you have the travel bug and almost never sleep in the same bed, your body tends to pay the price. Add to that back and neck problems and a determination to ride horses,  and you end up with an unhappy back and a tendency to constantly and desperately try to readjust your body. Fun times. 

But thankfully sometimes you find the right hands to make it all better. The hands that apply enough pressure to get all the knots out without hurting you to the point of tears streaming off your cheek or your entire body contracting. The hands that find THE spot that you didn't even realize needed attention. The hands that don't need explaining.  

It is rare to find those hands. Luckily I found them at Mudras Massage, a cosy quiet piece of heaven founded by Yotam Kafri, whose parents were also massage therapists. 

Kafri is truly a gem, or should I say his hands are gems - but really he is too. He is extremely professional but truly sweet and compassionate as well.

I don't have to talk when I walk in. I don't have to explain or point out a specific area. He puts his hands on me, tells me to breath, and he just knows what my body needs. He has helped me more than any chiropractor or acupuncturist I have been to. 

So whether you are looking for deep tissue, reflexology, acupressure, hydrotherapy or even face lift massages, trust me he has the best hands in the business. And as an added bonus, if you are in too much pain, or just want the convenience of being home for your massage, he will work with you to arrange a house call.

So book your massage asap or book a massage for someone you care about it. Just click right here: Mudras Massage you won't regret it.

Live, Love, Laugh & Travel 
& Take Care of Your Body 


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