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I fly to Paris around 4 times a month, but I never get tired of French Food. The bread, the salted butter, the mustard, the saucisson ... how can one get tired from all this goodness? 

However, more than once, I have heard some of my colleagues complain that they couldn't find good food in Paris. And I have to say I don't understand how they manage. There is good food everywhere. Even the quiche lorraine from the grocery store Monoprix is fantastic. 

As for the restaurants, I could go on and on about how many places I love in Paris, but we will be here forever ... Instead let me introduce you to Faubourg 52, the latest addition to my list of Parisian food goodness.

Faubourg 52, located at 52 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis (yes I know, no Nobel prize for whoever came up with the name) is definitely off the beaten path, but very well worth the detour. Every dish was beautifully presented and so full of flavor that I would have easily paid at least 35 euros for my main course, but didn't have to. 

The Paleron de beuf roti sauce soja/ciboulette pomme Anna was priced 19 euros. A true bargain considering prices in Paris and considering that every bite was truly fantastic. I was literally cutting the meat in super tiny pieces because I didn't want my plate to finish. Check out this piece of art:

My friend Donia's fish was also cooked just perfectly. It was fresh and full of flavor - no sauce needed. Check it out:

But let me backtrack to the veal tartare appetizer Donia and I shared to start out dinner. It had a milder taste than the usual steak tartare, and a unique freshness because of the very light seasoning, and perhaps the cucumber on the side. It was a nice change of the usual bistro style steak tartare drenched in mustard and other spices. And YES I forgot to take a picture 'cause I was too busy stuffing my face in the plate ... Sorry -:)  However, I made sure to get a picture of my beautiful dessert because no meal is complete without a fabulous dessert. Check out this gem:

Yes there is a candle because my awesome friends all over the world decided it was my birthday all of September, and even some of October 

Now, I am a chocolate person, so I am usually attracted to everything and anything chocolate, but I decided to be adventurous and try the Brioche caramelisee with nectarines, creamy white chocolate, and milky ice cream. Couldn't have been a better surprise. Only 8 euros, and every bite was delicious. 

Now just in case the pictures and my thourough descriptions were not enough to convince you to go, let me throw some names at you ... Just in case you are the kind of person that needs credentials to be impressed ... The chef at Faubourg 52 Adrien Bouchaud used to work for the Ritz. And if you are lucky enough, you might get a chance to chat with his cute brother Thibault. He tends the bar :-) 

A chef who worked for the Ritz, a cute bartender and amazing food: what else do you need?

Special thanks to Donia El Younsi for showing me this place ❤️

Live, Love, Laugh & Travel


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