How to be Parisian in one hour

I love comedy. Broadway musicals, Off Broadway shows, plays, stand-up, improv, I love it all. So when my best friend asked if I wanted to go to a show in Paris, as much as my wallet wanted to say no, my heart said yes. And that's how I ended up attending a one-man show - in English - in Paris. Yes you read this right, it was in English and it was awesome. 

"How to be Parisian in one hour" by Olivier Giraud is a true depiction of Parisians: the dark clothes, the depressed subway look, the poor to non-existent customer service at shops and restaurants, and the "I am better than the rest of the world" attitude - non Parisians included. 

However Americans are not all safe either during the show. Giraud mocks American's overexcitement over all French things and overuse of OMG, their need to add ketchup to every dish and their mispronunciation of every French word.  

In a nutshell, no matter where you are from, you will laugh a lot. When I attended the show this Monday, there were at least 30 different nationalities present and the laughter did not stop. I especially loved Giraud's dance moves on Britney's song Gimme More. He was pretty flexible for a guy in his late 30s -:) For more details, you will have to go see the show for yourself. 

the face Parisian girls do for a free drink -:)

Selfie with Giraud himself and BFF Donia - 
thanks again for taking me to this show 

At the moment, Giraud is playing at the Theatre des Nouveautes, which is an adorable little theater located at 27 Boulevard Poissoniere, just a two minute walk from the subway stop Grands Boulevards.  Tickets start at only  15 Euros, and if you have ever been to Paris, you know that 15 Euros for anything in Paris is a bargain. ENJOY!  

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