TBT: I don't have a "problem" ... you do

Apparently non photogenic people don't love pictures. I must be photogenic because I love pictures. Anytime anywhere, that's my motto. I truly think I have only said no to a picture once and for the good reason that half of my face was paralyzed. It lasted about 3 months and for those 3 months I wasn't exactly in the best mood for obvious reasons. 

But once my face was back to moving, I was back to my old ways. And yes occasionally, a picture of me is taken that I don't LOVE, but who cares .... It is just a picture. It is not that serious. 

However a few people I will not name hate taking pics. It is literally a nightmare for them. Yet, once they see the pics, they get excited about them and ask if they can have some. That's the moment when I want, but don't, say no. If you are giving me grief every time I stop and take a picture, why should I share them with you? But I still do. Because I think memories are important and should be shared. 

If my grandmother hadn't taken pictures of me as a baby, I would have never been able to see how gorgeous my mother looked like when she was pregnant with me and how happy my father and brothers looked at me the day I was born and especially how weird I was using my feet instead of my hands to hold my toys and play with them. My mom and I still look at those pictures when I come home and it is always a fun moment. 

And now with all my traveling, taking photos and sharing them with my friends and most importantly with my mom and dad, is my way to make them travel with me since I can't fit them all in my carry-on luggage. And it is my way to keep memories forever, memories I will share with my own kids one day or at least my nephew that I adore. 

So everyone get off my back if you think it is annoying that I take too many pictures. It is who I am, and I will not apologize for that or change. I don't have a "problem." I am just a happy person who wants to cherish the happy memories I am making forever and ever and ever - yes just like in fairytales   -:) And TBT is awesome. 

Live, Love, Laugh & Travel ... & take photos 


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