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When I was walking around Sidi Bou Said with my mother a few days ago I had two goals. First have a bambalouni and second have a mint tea at the Cafe Des Delices while enjoying this terrific view. 

the famous bambalouni
But my little touristic visit had an added bonus: I discovered Casa Belle Arti, a store which sells Tunisian souvenirs and gifts, inspired by tradition, but with a new fun touch. 

The fouta is a piece of thin patterned cotton or linen fabric originally used by men and women to wrap around themselves at public baths. Now they are used at hamams and beaches mainly. As a Tunisian girl who lives in the US since 8 years now, I of course have one fouta in Tunisia at my parent's house, one in Florida at my brother's house and one in NYC. 

Now I get to add to my collection a beautiful fouta dress I found at Casa Belle Arti. Well to be accurate, two fouta dresses - I just couldn't choose. Plus my mom was kind enough to buy one of them for me.
my posing skills kind of suck ... I know but it's not my fault, I am not a model, just a starving writer 

And that's not all: there are fouta pillow covers, fouta couch pillows, fouta curtains - which I will be buying as soon as I find a new apartment in NYC - and a lot of other fun stuff in the store.

Now comes the difficult part: trying to explain where the store is. Really it is not that complicated, but the problem is that I am terrible at giving directions. Ok so here it goes: when you walk up the Sidi Bou Said hill in direction of Cafe des Delices, there are two other coffee shops: Cafe des Nattes and Cafe Amor. Don't walk past either. Stop right before the tables of Cafe Amor and you will find a tiny corner shop entrance that will lead you to Casa Belle Arti.
If you get lost, here is the address: 2 Impasse Snoussi, Sidi Bou Said and the number for the shop is + 216 71 748 534. If Ahmed Romdhani answers the phone, tell him Sara sent you. He might not remember me, but I am sure he will act like he does and be very nice to you -:)  

Live, Love, Laugh & Travel - And VISIT TUNISIA


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