Close your eyes and pick a country

I am only 27 and have been to more countries than I can sometimes remember. I guess deciding to be a flight attendant after graduating college was not such a bad decision after all :-) 

Hong Kong

Most of these trips were barely planned and sometimes just because there were no seats left in Business class, a last minute decision to change destination would be made. That is how I ended up in Korea instead of Tokyo once, and in Indonesia instead of Philippines another time, and I am glad I did. Seoul, Bali and the Gili islands were just wonderful.
Gili Islands 

But here is something I have never done yet and I am dying to do: close my eyes, pick a country on the globe and go. I know this is more of what you see done in movies, but I do have almost free tickets to pretty much anywhere in the World, so why not? 

Would you do it? Samantha & Deidre. I am pretty sure you girls would :-) 

Live, Love, Laugh & Travel


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