Traveling with 4 strangers

After my girl's trip to Costa Rica fell apart, I guess I could have hidden in a little corner to cry. Maybe I even did. I will never tell. But I got over it, and got on to planning another trip, or to be exact, I crashed another trip. Let me explain. 

Since my friends had abandoned me, and there is no legal shop to buy new friends on the spot, I didn't have second thoughts when my "friend" Deidre mentioned hopping on her South African journey, I just said yes. 

I had never seen Deidre, Tyson or Diego when I said yes, and since Brian was not part of the South Africa trip's Facebook chat, I didn't even know a Brian existed on our trip until I met Brian in Johannesburg. Diego had mentionned the name I am sure, but I had not paid attention. 

But Brian was very much real, so were the others, and I almost have more selfies with Deidre, Tyson, Diego and Brian than I do with my "real friends." We met elephants, zebras and giraffes together in Kruger ... we risked our lives together while cage shark diving in Gansbaii ... we shared incredible moments with penguins in Boulder Beach and we slept in very close proximity for 7 days in a row.

We didn't kill each other, even though we probably did think about it a few times if I am being honest. And yes there where moments were we screamed at each other. Deidre and I almost lost it when Brian told us during the Kruger Park safari that the car key had fallen out of his pants onto the dirt road. He was not sure where. He only remembered it was in between spotting the hyena and spotting the leopard - 2 hours had gone by. 

Thankfully the crisis was averted and the key was found, which according to the safari guide was a true miracle, and after that incident, we still managed to semi peacefully spend 24 hours together non stop during our roadtrip from Kruger to Cape Town and have amazing adventures every day. 

So next time, when your "real everyday friends" say they can't join you on your dream vacation, go find a few strangers who also want to go where you want to go and enjoy an unforgettable journey with many new friends along the way -:) or perhaps I am just crazy lucky.

Would you do it?
Don't miss the Botanical Gardens and look for Fabrice
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The one thing that beats horsebackriding: Cape Wineland Riding offers horsebackriding and wine tasting all in one activity-:) 

Until next time we meet ... Live, Love, Laugh & Travel 


  1. I absolutely love it! It had me smiling like a five year old from beginning to end! The pictures are amazing and the stories behind them will be told numerous times! We should have taken a picture of the car keys in the middle of the dirt road. I wanted to mention when we found the keys that it would make a great story but I didn't want to give you girls more reasons to throw us out the truck to become lion lunch. Australia in June?


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