Annoying questions

Since I self-published my first book LIFE WITHOUT IT, everyone asks me the same annoying  question :how many books did you sell?

This question is as annoying is that question your friends love to ask you when you are single: did you meet anyone?

I know you think I am saying this because because I am single and bitter. I am neither. I am in a very happy relationship, and when I was single, I was very happy as well. That question though would push me to the edge.

If I met someone, don't you think I would tell you if we are friends? When you start dating someone, your friends might even know about it before the person involved is aware that he or she is dating you. What I am trying to say is that usually people are eager to share good news.

So if I had sold millions of my books during this past year and had become a millionaire, you would know it. Many people would know it. So quit asking me how many books I have sold. I don't even know. But I know that, sadly, I am not a millionaire.

Maybe the next book will be my big breakthrough.

What is THE question that annoys you the most?


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