Multiple Goals, Multiple Blogs

I finally got through that nightmare chapter. It only took weeks! 

Honestly, I haven't had the courage to read it over 'cause I am worried I am going to still hate it, but on the bright side I revised another 3 chapters this week, and uploaded over 50 pictures to Kitty's blog today: Cyprus, Korea, Istanbul and many more ...  Go me! :) You can check out the pics right here

I also rewrote my resume as I had promised myself to do, but honestly I didn't look for a job/internship yet. It is not that I don't want to do it anymore. I do. 

But we do only live once, right? And just for June, I have two big trips planned: Iceland and Bangkok, and July might be Machu Pichu - if I am not broke by then, and then August is definitely Tunisia to spend time with my parents and my cousins. So where am I going to fit another job, huh? 

So here is the deadline I am giving myself: after my birthday in September, I will start looking for a magazine/website where I can work/write/ do coffee runs/ be a slave ... But until then I will focus on revising my second book- which  is a handful - and updating my 3 blogs - not sure it was a smart idea to add two simultaneously, but what is done is done .... and more importantly , exploring the World - that is the reason I am serving peanuts and Diet Cokes after all ... so I can be one day in Iceland, one day in Bangkok and Paris and New York in between :) 

Who else out there is juggling several blogs? I find myself writing mainly in the same one. Any advice on how to balance the blogs out?



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