Does she write better than I do?

If I erase one more paragraph while revising, I am going to cry. I am not talking about a sentence or two, I am talking about long looooong paragraphs that I am completely deleting 'cause they are just awful! 
And if I don't finish revising this chapter today, I am going to cry too! 

I swear, since I have started revising this chapter for my upcoming book, I have fallen asleep at least 3 times ...  which is really worrying me. Is the chapter that boring? Is the story not interesting? Are all the next chapters similar? The first ones were pretty descent - at least I thought they were, but now I am not sure anymore. Or perhaps I am just too tired to be revising right now. Crossing my fingers that is the reason. 

Regardless, I hate what I am reading right now, which is completely counter-productive to all my other writing. Even my other blog, KittyOnHoliday, I can't get myself to do anything with, even though I don't even need to write much since it is more of a picture blog. All I have to do is post pictures with a  little caption here and there. 

But I have not been posting anything. It is not like it is complicated. I already have the pictures - at least 200, probably more -  of Kitty all over the World. FYU, Kitty is my stuffed animal/travel companion.

I am not sure what I am waiting for. 

I am not sure why I am not revising right now instead of writing this post either, but I just cannot seem to get back into the revising process. The only blog I seem to be able to keep up with is my alter ego's blog, the other me. Maybe I should just change my name and be her. Maybe she writes better than I do. 

PS: I am not a crazy person with dual personalities :)  


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