Finding "the end"

When I started writing my first book, the ideas were just flowing. I was mainly people watching. For example a family bonding on vacation: parents on their computers, teenagers on their phones and toddlers on their iPads. I didn't have to imagine much. The addiction to technology and social media was happening right before my eyes and the chapters were just writing themselves. 

But also to get the maximum of facts, I did a bit of online news research: did a woman really have to get hand surgery 'cause she was texting too much? Yes indeed. 

Everyone around me - myself included - was inspiration .... Writer's block? An unknown feeling.  

As the weeks flew by - yes I did use that expression, I am a flight attendant, I had to - pages were adding up very naturally. I never worried about not having enough or something to write about. There was always someone doing something a bit stupid on Facebook that I could add a chapter about - someone creating an event to say he or she was leaving Facebook for example, or saying three times in a row that life was amazing in the span of 3 hours - kind of made that person look like he or she had no life, don't you think? Ok ok it was a she :) Sorry. 

Again no writer's block. 

But I did  worry about something else: the end. How would I wrap it all up?


But I was worrying for nothing. The end just came to me. Same with the following book. One day, I started to write, and I just knew that was it. I just knew I was typing the last words of my book. Bittersweet feeling.

What I didn't know though was that writing the book was the easy part. 

Everything else was a nightmare: revising,  proofreading, fact-checking, choosing the cover, having my friends help me with the cover .... just a nightmare! 

If you also wrote a book, I am curious :  did you hate proofreading, fact-checking and choosing the cover as much as I did? Hopefully you were smarter than I was and did not ask your friends to help you by giving you their completely opposite opinions, again and again. 

And did you struggle to find the end? Did I just get lucky?


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  2. Thanks for the compliment, but my blog is really just about me wanting to write, not to make money.


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