Excitement on my way to Paris

When I got to work today, I wasn't excited about serving Cokes or meals, but I was happy. 

I was happy 'cause I knew that in just a few hours I would be in Paris, sharing a nice meal with my cousin and my mom. And that after Paris, I would be in NYC, visiting my future apartment hopefully, which meant I could finally stop wasting my time and energy looking for a place, and just focus on my traveling and my writing and reading. 

But had I known that I was going to meet another flight attendant, who also wrote a book, I would have been ecstatic, not just happy. His book is also published on Amazon, and he shared some great advice about how to get my book picked up by Barnes and Nobles and some seminaries I could maybe attend to in regards of how to market my own book. 

Had I known that the passengers sitting across from me would show great interest when I mentioned my book and give me the contact info of their daughter who lives in NYC  and works for CBS, I also would have been ecstatic.  

So yes I am feeling ecstatically happy right now even though it is 3 am my time and I am really sleepy. 

And I got two more chapters revised :) 


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