Did you ever think you were the next Adele?

Revising usually brings out mixed feelings in me: do I hate what I am reading or do I love it? Shall I change it, or not? Add, transform or plain delete? But one same question comes up a lot: "Did I really write that?" which can mean two very very different things. 


Did I really write that crap? Seriously? .... And I think I am a writer? I think I am worthy of people wanting to read my writing? That I am worthy of people spending money to read pages of my madness ...  I must be delusional. 


Did I really write that? I am a genius ... so funny ... brilliant ...  I should be a comedian. 

Thankfully, I haven't pursued that route. I say thankfully because I tried making jokes in front of my bathroom mirror once, and I didn't even make myself laugh. That's how much I sucked.

I would love to say otherwise, to say that I was hilarious and that the Comedy Cellar wants me to come entertain their customers, but I think I will sit tight and  keep writing. I mean I am not even good at repeating jokes. 

What about you? Did you ever leave a comedy show and think "I could totally do that?" Did you ever sing in the shower and convince yourself that you should be the next Adele? 

I have done all of the above, thankfully I came to my senses and stopped myself before I made a fool of myself by trying to get on shows like "American Idol"  or "The Voice." 

Did you stop yourself?


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