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As I said in my last post, I have started revising my second book and I am happy to say that my experience is less miserable this time around. This is the first draft - check again in a few weeks when I am at the fourth draft, then I might possibly be very miserable :) 

Of course, some paragraphs are so bad that I would deny I even wrote them, but all in all, the process has been smooth.

But this post is not revising. It is about sharing stories. 

Have you ever had something crazy happen to you while traveling, a moment where you felt every single ounce of the Universe was against you and your trip ... but somehow, everything worked out for the best? 

Given that I am a flight attendant, you must be thinking "Oh another flight attendant book about delays and reroutes, and how much us flight attendants hate pouring Diet Cokes ... " But it is not. 

Matter of fact, I started writing this book in 2007, and have been collecting stories ever since - I have only been a flight attendant since 2011 so I will let you do the math.

And the reason why I started this book was because my brother said I was cursed ' cause crazy things happened to me when I traveled. And he is right. I have had some crazy things happen to me, but I don't think I am cursed. I like to think that I am "special." Sounds better, doesn't it? 

Are you special too? 

Whether traveling by plane, boat, donkey, whatever ... I want to hear your story, and your happy ending. 


  1. I must be special!

    Who said that traveling during Christmas Day was easier and better? It has been two years that I am stuck during extra hours on my layover in Paris and I miss the Christmas lunch!!!

    So my trip was NYC - Paris - Nice leaving on the 24th and coming back on the 6th.

    The begining of my flight went very well, as soon as we were aboard, the captain told us that we will be early and the flight would be only 5 hours and half, I was happy and releave to know I will not miss my connection. As it was a short flight, I watched several movies and couldn't fall a sleep, which was not a problem as I was excited to see my family. 5am we arrived in Paris and we had to wait... As maybe some of you know, the airport security doesn't open before 5:30am, so we had to wait for the nice security people to let us enter in the airport. I finally got to the gate of my next flight which was scheduled at 7:30am. Unfortunately at 6:30am, we had a anoucement telling us that the flight have been delayed and will leave at 8:30am, a little bit later we were told that the Nice airport is closed for the moment and we might have a chance to land there at 11:30am (still on time for the Christmas lunch!) but nothing was sure, boarding was now schedule at 8:30am.
    Having some doubt about the company cancelling the flight, I went to the information point and asked them if in case our flight got canceled, would it be possible to be transferred to the flight of 8:35am, 10am or 12pm but they told me that all flights were fully book. At that point I knew that I would certainely miss Christmas lunch and maybe spend the night in Paris, however I went back to seat at the gate and keep paying for our flight to not get cancelled! As predicted flight got canceled, I jump off my seat and ran to the ticketing office to change my flight and try to get in Marseille (2 hours from my parents house). I was one of the first ones to get to the office and the agent was nice and try to accomodate me. At that point there was 2 flights for Marseille, one at 9:35am and one at 1pm. I begged the agent to put me on te 9:35am flight but he told me he couldn't because of my luggage which will not be able to transfer fast enought. I told him that I didn't care about my luggage, they could deliver it one or 2 days later, but he refused and put me on the 1 pm flight.
    Finally, 7 hours and half after arriving in Paris and no sleep for more than 24 hours, I was boarding in the Marseille flight. I fell asleep as soon as I sat down! Arriving in Marseille, guess what? My luggage could'nt make the flight so I ended up waiting an extra 3 hours to not get my luggage anyway! I love AirFrance!

    Did you think that my story was done, wait there is the outbound flight!!!
    We boarded on time, made the Nice-Paris without any trouble and boarded on time again in Paris. Then the wind that helped us going fast during the inbound flight was now against us, flight took 8 hours and half with a lot of turbulences. The last hour of the flight was the worst, it is the first time of my life that I got sick in a plane and it is not pleasant. Anyway arriving safe in JFK (NYC), guess what? No luggage! it took a week to get it delivered to me!
    I think Air France has something against me! Conclusion of the story: FLY WITH DELTA!!!

    1. There has to be a good ending coming out .... Can you think of one positive thing?


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