Bad # House Guest

Imagine coming back to your house and finding that the furniture has been misplaced ... Wouldn't you call 911?

A long time ago, my mom went to run some errands and then, when she came back to the house, she found all the furniture rearranged by a house guest.  She gently asked the house guest to rearrange the furniture the way it was, but she wouldn't. She dared to say her way is better. I almost think this would have been less insulting to me:

A mess is a mess, but insulting my taste .. No way!

Fortunately for my aunt, this incident happened over 26 years ago. I wasn't even born yet, so I didn't have much of a say in what happened to her.

What would have been your reaction? And since we are talking about bad house guest, what is the worst thing a guest has ever done while visiting you? And did you kick them out?

This woman has quite a long list of unacceptable guest behavior, and there are all from the same trip. Here are a few examples:

  • Fart (loudly) in the middle of a restaurant patio of people having dinner.
  • Complain about the size of the kitchen as soon as you walk in.
  • Insist on being taken all over town for “organic” food, but then eat every cupcake in the place.
  • Use clear bottles for chewing tobacco spit & leave them around without caps (same person who demanded “organic’ food-still chewing 7-11 chaw-go figure)
  • State that you don’t “like” air conditioning and adjust it as you see fit in the condo & car (in Arizona).
For more, Check out the entire article @ Top 10 or 16 ways to be a bad guest.

I personally know someone who woke up to one of his roommate's guests taking a leak in the kitchen sink ... Anyone has a story to top this one up? Or maybe you have done something worse? I promise I won't judge ... I just won't invite you to my house for more than three hours -:)

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