I got an award! I got an award! I got an award!

Us blogger all write because it is just what we love to do, not for the fame or anything like that ...

Yet I jumped up and down on my bed when a fellow blogger nominated me for an award and I have been telling everyone  I know, and don't know, about it.

Thanks ELLIE @ Looking for Love Online.

This was pretty much my reaction, just replace the cat's face with mine -:)

Now my turn to share the happiness of that jumping moment with my favorite bloggers. 
          Check out my top 15 bloggers at the bottom of the post. Great reading - a lot of laughing! 

But first as a receiver of this super cool award, I am required to give you seven reasons why you wish you were my best friend facts about me -:)

#1: I love cooking, not to show off or impress anyone making complicated stuff, I just love cooking and trying new recipes and new flavors. Don't ask me why, but the sound of chopping vegetables just relaxes me, that's what I enjoy doing after working a 15 hour flight.

#2 : I am very good at eating - it's a skill I have perfected, especially in regards to every sweet little thing you can thing of: crepes, cupcakes, churros, tarts, macaroons, chocolate, candy, ice cream,
Hagen Das praline and cream ice cream - yes I have to make that distinction because Hagen Das praline and cream ice cream  is not just any ice cream.

#3 : I am a YES person: ice skating, rollerblading, scuba diving, skydiving,  trekking, horsebackriding, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, wake boarding, camping, mountain climbing, Vegas ... I will always say YES. But don't ask me to chill at a coffee shop for more than 30 minutes, I will get restless.

#4: I am a paparazzi. I love love love taking pictures. My grandmother was like that, my cousin is like that. It is just who we are, and yes it can get on people's nerves, but usually complaints are followed by "OMG, that picture is Soooooooooo cute! And this one too! OMG! Can you send them ALL to me?" I just smile, nod, and make them sweat a little before sending them -:)

#5: Singing is also one of my passions, but the difference with Ellie (the sweet girl who gave me this award) is that I have no doubt about my singing ability. I am very much aware that I am the worst
singer in the world. However, it doesn't stop me from mumbling the last word of every line. And that fact especially drives my cousin  Rania totally crazy. She does not comprehend why my brain cannot memorize the entire lyric. I don't know. "I am born that way." Thanks Lady Gaga for that great line.

#6: I am a undercover country girl in a city girl's body. I want to have a horse in my backyard and I also want a swing in that same backyard, but I will never ever ever  leave the city.

 #7: I love writing. Yeah it might be a lame fact, but it's true and it's very much who I am. Every day, happy or sad, tired or not, I put a bunch of words together - and try making sentences - whether writing in my journal, or blogging, or working on my second book which I will be pitching at the
writers digest conference in august in New York. Exciting, huh? I am absolutely terrified.

Now check out the list of nominees, and if you are on it, here is what you do:

1. Link back to the person who nominated you (me!) 
2. Nominate 15 bloggers you love 
3. Post 7 facts about yourself
4. Include your nominees in your post

PS: if you are not a blogger but read my blog, share a fun fact about yourself in the love comment box -:) 

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