Date Mr. & Miss. "Wrong"

I travel ... A lot. I also read ... A lot. So of course I have read both articles going around about whether to date a girl who travels or not.

In my humble opinion, both Don't date a girl who travels and Date a girl who travels are brilliant articles written by people with a great sense of humor. If you haven't read them yet, I urge you to.

Nonetheless, I don't think the authors mean to really give dating advice in their articles because they are smart enough to know that dating advices is kind of useless. Not just because every situation is different, but especially because whoever you are giving the dating speech to is hardly ever listening. So save your breath ... And save your money by not buying the following books:

My current boyfriend is in finance and on paper, I am pretty sure he is exactly the guy who is supposed to stay away from me, the travel girl, according to article #1 at least; and vice versa. But he didn't, and I am glad he didn't.

Of course, I am not Nostradamus, so I have no idea if him and I will end up with a happily ever after.

But not matter how it ends - or doesn't end - no article can take back the fun I had with him since we have met. And if you ask his opinion, I am confident he will admit that he is dating me on his own will -:)

The only advice I think anyone should follow about dating is the following ... Yes I know I said advice is useless, but it isn't really advice if there are no rules, right?

So just date whoever wants to date you, not the imaginary man you have decided you are going to marry when you were a teenager. That man belongs in your beautiful dreams and that list with measurements, hair type, and eye color belongs in your diary.

And Yes you read this right. I didn't say date whoever you want to date. That guy or girl is usually not interested in you anyways.

Basically, if and when a guy or a girl shows interest, just go with it. Isn't more fun to be with someone who wants to be with you anyways than to try and force something to happen with the hot guy who hasn't looked at you all night or that famous model who thinks that you should spend all of your savings account on a lavish dinner just because she is ... beautiful?

Go ahead and date Mr.Wrong or Miss.Wrong, and you might just be nicely surprised by that guy or that girl that Google and every online blog told you to stay away from.

Worst case, the date is a memorable disaster, and you have a "funny" story to blog about it.

About BOOK #2: some progress, I finished the I HATE SURPRISES's chapter ... Unfortunately I had to delete an entire chapter today. I tried writing and rewriting and moving paragraphs around, but It just didn't sound good anymore.

Ah! the joys of rewriting.


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