Hotel de Villeon, a gem located in Ardeche

When my friends Isabelle and Thibaut invited me to their wedding a few weeks ago, I was excited. Not because of the location of the wedding, I didn't even know where Tournon-Sur-Rhône was until I got there, but because I love weddings. Yes being single doesn't stop me from having fun celebrating all my friend's being madly in love and wanting to spend the rest of their lives together.

Plus luckily for me, my friends are really cool and their weddings are super fun. And Isabelle and Thibaut's wedding was no exception to the rule. 

The wedding took place in an old tunnel, which that alone was awesome. Champagne overflowed all night, and desserts kept multiplying, so of course I was extremely happy. And as for the bride and groom, they looked lovely and literally like movie stars when they exited the church ceremony in a white and red vintage Citroen.


But really the whole weekend was perfect. Tournon-Sur-Rhône was perfect. And the 18th century 4 star hotel they booked for us was perfect. And for me to say that, it really means a lot because I am usually a hardcore  "Airnbn princess." But if every hotel was like Hotel de Villeon - and I was rich - I might become a hotel princess. That's how much Hotel de Villeon blew my mind. 

No joke Mathieu really took care of everything for us  

The second I walked in, I was all smiles and forgot all about my stressful 24 hour journey from Newark to Tournon-Sur-Rhône. The staff was polite and respectful, yet not stuck-up. They really catered to our every need, but yet were never intrusive. Just perfect. 

As for the grounds, they are just phenomenal. The 3 story remodeled townhouse has a total of 16 rooms, each one different from the other, and each one perfectly mixing tradition and modernity.  

And the hanging gardens will make you feel like  a princess, or I guess a prince if you are a guy. The roses are beautiful, and the view is terrific.

Oh and did I mention how amazing the breakfast is, from homemade jams to organic honeys and every tea you ever dreamed of tasting. And last but not least there is a wine sampling cellar. Life was truly perfect. 
But really a picture is worth a thousand words, so voila:  





So never say no to discovering a new place. You never know how beautiful it might turn out to be. 

Thanks Isabelle and Thibaut for this beautiful discovery. 

Live, Love, Laugh & Travel and go to Tournon-Sur-Rhône

We couldn't resist this picture :) 




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