Moorea: A honeymoon just like a postcard

I never cared much about big wedding plans ... My big plans were always for MY honeymoon and they did not include beaches and palm trees. My hubby and I were going to fly to Finland and spend a week doing nothing at all in an igloo hotel and then spend a week exploring Lapland and chasing the Northern Lights. But then the time came to fly to Finland and even I, miss travelblogger and flight attendant, was too tired to fly from Los Angeles to New York to Helsinki for a total of 20 hours followed by a long 12 hour drive to Lapland. Plus, it wasn't really his dream and this thing called marriage is apparently about two people making decisions together and not just me deciding what I want to do ... Who knew? -:)  So the search began for somewhere relaxing, not too far from LA, preferably a direct flight, and voila, in between googling the Maldives and the Fiji overwater bungalows, I stumbled into BEAUTIFUL French Polynesia.  I can go on and describe how gorgeous the wa

Extra Fries ... Mmm ... I mean Exercise : How to stay fit while traveling

When it comes to food, I have pretty much zero discipline, especially when traveling. I mean am I really expected to say no to a buttery flaky French croissant while in Paris or fatty yummilicious lamb chops while in Tunisia or scrumptious pasta covered with burrata in Italy? I mean it would basically be offensive to the culture to do that, right?  So how do I stay fit being a French Fries and Cupcake lover and a travel addict? Trust me it’s not my metabolism. I wish I was that girl. But I am not. I am the normal kind of girl, the kind of girl who gains weight and has to workout to lose it. So here is my secret: I workout extra hard at home, so I never have to say no when I am abroad. I make up for all those “cheat weeks days" before they happen, and luckily, I found a studio that has super fun classes and make me love my workouts.  But Don’t mistake fun for easy.  There is nothing easy about Barre, Pilates, Pound, Yogajam, SpiritFit or PopFit. I am drenched in sw

Joshua Tree: the perfect spot to DISCONNECT

Joshua Tree has always been on my list and by always, I mean since last August when I moved to Cali and started mapping out mini adventures in my new home state. So I guess always might be an exaggeration, but I get a little anxious and impatient when it comes to traveling and exploring.  So after cancelling Joshua Tree in November because of an ear infection, and December being crazy busy, I was super hopeful for January. But my hopes were shattered, and Joshua Tree started to become more and more like a dream that would never come true.  Perhaps another person would have thought it wasn’t meant to be - but like i said before, when it comes to traveling, I am pretty tenacious. So finally on the last day of February, with much juggling of my work schedule and some crazy luck, I made it to Joshua Tree and woke up to this beautiful sunrise on the 1st day of March.  The perfect way to start the month, don’t you think?  We entered the park through the West Sid